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Homeschool Standardized Testing

One of the more common questions heard from families considering homeschooling is "What about testing?".  You'll be happy to hear that there is no requirement for homeschoolers to take standardized tests in the state of Texas!

Some families still choose to test their students routinely, however.   

    Standardized tests have gotten a bad rap lately, but the reality is they can be the most objective form of accessing your student academically.  It is also well-recognized by academic institutions so if your child needs to reenter a traditional school setting having some well-recognized test scores may ease the process.  It's important to know that standardized tests are a benchmark.  You should not "teach to the test" or put more focus than is needed on the results of the test. 

    They do not define your skills as a teacher to your child or your student's ability to learn - they are simply a tool to help you on your journey.

    Here are a few reasons why you may choose to test your student:

    • Build test-taking skills
    • Get feedback about how your child’s scores compare to other children the same age.
    • Identify gaps or needs in learning/skills

    What are the testing options for homeschoolers?
    Here are a few details on some of the more well known tests.

    This is completely up to you!  Most people test toward the end of a school year because the results can help you plan your priorities for the following year.  However testing is available year-round based on your homeschool's patterns and needs.

    FED tries to facilitate in-person testing of the IOWA Assessment each year.  For details on this year's testing dates, see the FED Calendar.

    2024 Testing Information

    The Iowa Assessments are nationally normed achievement tests which meet state requirements. The tests are timed, and are often given in a group setting. Subjects tested are reading, vocabulary, science, social studies, math concepts and computation, and written expression (spelling, capitalization and punctuation). Each student will be provided with a test booklet and a separate test answer sheet and will use a pencil to answer the questions.  Breaks will be given throughout the sessions. Materials must be returned to BJ Evaluation and Testing and will be scored by BJ Evaluation and Testing.  The test administrator will email the results to you and interpret the results for you within a month after testing.  The grade levels being tested are grades 3, 4,5, 6,7, and 8.

    Dates: Tuesday, May 28, Wednesday, May 29, and Thursday, May 30.    Three consecutive morning sessions will be required, from 9 a.m. until noon each day.

    Location: TBD (in or near Midlothian)

    Test Administrator:  Mrs. Georgia Fitzhugh, M.Ed. Certified Educational Diagnostician

    Registration Deadline: April 24, 2024  6pm

    Cost:  $70 per child.  Discounted price for 2 children in the same family: $125.  Price includes ordering, shipping, booklet and separate answer sheet, and scoring.

    Payment must be made by check to Mrs. Georgia Fitzhugh Mailing address:  119 South Ellis St., Lancaster, Texas 75146  or by PayPal [email protected] prior to the April 24th deadline.

    Who should take a practice SAT?
    Students in Grades 9-11 can take a practice SAT at any time.  Doing it in this environment helps students prepare for the actual testing environment with other people and distractions around.

    5 Ways the SAT can help you.

    SAT Practice Test
    May 2024 Administration

    May 29th from 9:30 - 12:30

    Cost: $20 per student

    All SAT tests are digital beginning this Spring. Students will need a laptop to complete the practice test.*

    • 1 week prior to the test date, families will receive instructions for downloading the software needed for the testing.
    • On testing day, the first 30 minutes will be spent reviewing the software and a few testing best practices within the software.
    • Students will complete a full-length College Board practice test.
    • After testing, families will receive instructions for viewing the practice test results and suggestions for working on improving their scores.
    • * A limited number of loaner laptops are available.